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10 Questions to ask your Wedding Florist

03 December 2019
10 Questions to ask your Wedding Florist

10 Questions to ask your Wedding Florist 

Your wedding florist will be one of your key suppliers so it’s important you ask all the right questions before you finalise and sign on the dotted line. Let us guide you with the 10 top questions that you need to ask so that you can select the right florist for your style and budget and you get the wedding flowers that you are looking for.

Are you available on the date of my wedding? 

Your wedding florist cannot be in 2 places at one time. Therefore this must be one of the first questions you ask them. You will need to advise them of the date of the event, timings, access arrangements with the venue and if you have 2 events on the day then turnaround time is important to ensure that they have enough staff to make it happen. 

Have you worked at my wedding venue before?

It is always helpful to know if a wedding florist has worked at your venue but this is not always necessary. If they have worked at your venue then they will have photos to show you at that venue. If they haven’t then it shouldn’t be a problem as they should be able to offer you a site visit to understand the venue and come up with some ideas based on the lighting, shape and size of the venue and the required ambiance.  

How much will my wedding flowers cost?

Your wedding florist should be able to guide you on this based on your theme, number of guests and style. Normally you will have an idea of how much you are willing to spend and you should be able to share this cost honestly so that your florist can creatively design for you. Flower costs vary considerably between different blooms and colours and they will be able to use this information to help you design according to your budget. 

Which flowers will be in season when I get married? 

Your wedding florist will be able to give you invaluable guidance on wedding flowers. It is better to use seasonal flowers as they will be better value and more economical. If you know what flowers you like the florist will be able to advise you of its availability so it can be incorporated into your design. 

Can you help me with my colour theme?

Brides are sometimes confused with their colour theme and don’t know what to choose. Your wedding florist will be able to help you choose a colour theme based on what you like, the venue where you are getting married and your outfits.   If you know your colour palette, they will be able to incorporate this into your florals. 

Can you cater for my number of guests?

When you book your venue, you will have an indication of your guest numbers. Your wedding florist will also need to know this so they can help with designing the number and style of floral arrangements. Your florist will also use this information to creatively advise what is within your budget. 

Can you help with my cake flowers?

Your wedding florist will be able to help with your cake flowers but will need to know who your cake supplier is so they can liaise with them help with the styling so that the floral theme runs through the whole wedding beautifully. 

Will you work with my other suppliers?

Your wedding florist will work with your other suppliers to make sure that everything is provided proficiently on the day. They will be able to work with the venue to arrange access times, with the caterer, with the DJ and production team, with the wedding planner, the photographer and videographer, the cake supplier and any other supplier on the day. 

Would you be able to create a mock up design?

Your wedding florist should be able to do this for you and it’s a good way to make sure this is done so that you can eliminate any surprises on the day. There will of course be a cost attached to this. 

What is the next step to confirm my booking?

You need to confirm your booking as soon as you are happy with your wedding florist so that your booking is secured and you are not disappointed.  You will need to find out how much deposit is required and when the final payment is due. 

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