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3 Top Reasons to choose Seasonal Flowers for your Wedding

17 April 2020
3 Top Reasons to choose Seasonal Flowers for your Wedding

3 Top Reasons to choose Seasonal Flowers for your Wedding 

At Lux Occasions, we love to use seasonal flowers alongside some of the more popular roses, garden roses, spray roses and hydrangea for our weddings and events.  

Everything from hypericum and protea in winter, tulips and hyacinths in spring, gorgeous peonies and dahlias in summer and aster and amaryllis in autumn goes into our luxury centrepieces and textured bouquets. 

Image Credit:Sarita Phone 

But why use seasonal flowers:

  • Abundance and quality 

Sourcing seasonal flowers means that you get flowers that are grown naturally in a natural environment therefore they are available in more abundance. This is great when ordering flowers for weddings and events as you require large quantities (and we love using lots of blooms in our weddings). When flowers are grown naturally in their season they will last longer so when we prepare arrangements they will stay fresher for longer. 

Image Credit: Sarita phone 

  • Scented Flowers and Immersive Weddings  

Seasonal blooms have a better and stronger fragrance and when using large quantities the scents in your venue when you and your guests walk in will create more of an immersive experience.


Image Credit: Chaz Fliy 

  • You will remember your wedding every year with flowers 

Year on year, at your anniversary you will remember the gorgeous blooms at your wedding. This creates a sense of personalisation for you and you will remember your wedding even 50 years on. 

Image credit: Chaz Fliy 

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