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3 Top Tips on Starting to Plan your Intimate Wedding

18 June 2020
3 Top Tips on Starting to Plan your Intimate Wedding

Guest Blog by Radhika Nathwani - Thank you so much for these valuable tips 

With so much to think about when it comes to planning a wedding and knowing where to start it can often feel overwhelming. This coupled with the current Covid-19 pandemic has left many couples uncertain on how to proceed with their plans. However, as the UK Government start to advise us all in the coming month(s) on private gatherings including weddings, it will enable us as an industry and also couples to progress plans forward. At Radhika and You, we envision that weddings will start on a much more intimate scale.

We have put together our 3 top tips on planning an intimate wedding in the UK:

1. Embrace your numbers 

With an intimate wedding, it can mean that your wedding numbers can range anything between 3 (the couple, plus someone to conduct your ceremony) to 50 people.

So firstly, embrace your intimate numbers!

Secondly, rather than opting for a larger venue, choose a venue that compliments your smaller guest numbers. The choices are endless from manor houses, barn style venues, boutique hotels or even opting for a destination wedding, the list continues!

2. Review your budget 

Your numbers may have changed from your original plans, so spend some time reassessing your budget plans.

You can potentially remove certain elements that are no longer required and allocate that budget towards the items you would love to have for your big day!

So, revisit your planning notes from when you first started your planning journey, look at the must haves, nice to haves and not essentials. You should now be able to opt for some of those nice to have items as there is budget to play with.

3. Personalisation is key

With fewer guests, you take can those wedding details to the next level and incorporate personalised elements into your new plans.

Here are a couple of ideas of things you can do:

- Send out personalised packages to each family attending which could include masks, sanitiser, order of the day and a few other goodies that tie into your day.

- You could opt for more intricate on the day stationery designs which involve enhanced personalisation. This is often harder with guest numbers of over 100, so with fewer numbers you can get much more creative!

- The guests who will be attending will be your nearest and dearest, which means that there will definitely be a personal connection to each of them. So why not write each of your guests a small note for their place setting about a memory with them and that you are grateful they are spending your special day with you.

If you are currently in the process of planning your wedding and are ensure of how to progress your plans further, get in touch with our team at Radhika & You to schedule in a complimentary consultation with us. We can help you with as much support as much as you need from destination wedding planning, UK wedding planning through to on the day coordination.

Radhika Nathwani, Owner & Head Wedding Planner, Radhika & You