Lux Occasions Finishing Touches

Exquisite florals are just one facet of the grand design. Finishing touches are the golden threads that pull all the elements of the design process together and create your spectacular masterpiece. Lux Occasions combines every segment of design to create the ultimate guest experience.

Our Tablescapes are a feast for the eyes. We have nurtured relationships with other vendors to provide the finishing touches from table settings with personalised stationery to bespoke charger plates and sparkling crystal glassware. Even your custom cutlery can lay in glorious splendour, glistening next to luxurious linen napkins, colour accent table cloths and embellished table runners and overlays.

We can also provide a border of stately chairs to complement the table with majestic grandeur. The carefully chosen seating can be shrouded in floral garlands or decadent fabrics, paying particular attention to colour and textures.

Lighting is very important when creating the right ambience. We will work with a production team to create the most magical experience and ensure that the florals will work well within the light.  We love to use candles to create a soft, warm glow, a light that is pure and ethereal. 

The possibilities are unquestionably endless with no limitations. 

All of these additions are important finishing touches and we believe they are essential in creating the ultimate guest experience.

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