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Fresh or Faux Wedding Flowers

01 December 2019
Fresh or Faux Wedding Flowers

Fresh or Faux Wedding Flowers 

Flowers are beautiful, colourful and romantic and play an essential part to any wedding decor. Gorgeous floral decorations and bouquet are high on any brides list of priorities.   We specialise in fresh floral decor but with silk blooms being available in improved quality more brides are opting to use silk flowers. So, how will you decide which one to go for on your big day?

Read our guide to the pros and cons for each one and we are sure this will help you make that decision with what to opt for !!



Wider Selection - Fresh flowers are naturally beautiful and romantic.  They are seasonal and with that brings beautiful varieties of flowers throughout the year. Please see our guide below on some flowers available throughout the year. 

Colour Choices - Colour varieties in fresh flowers are endless and this promotes creativity. They can be mixed and matched to create the most beautiful arrangements and the most memorable floral experiences. 

Scented Heaven - fresh flowers and lush foliage create the most beautiful scent when you walk into your wedding venue.  The sweet, delicious aroma will always remind you of your big day for years to come. 


Seasonal choices - Do you want a blossom themed wedding in the month of December.This is going to be harder to achieve with fresh flowers so your florist can use faux varieties to create this for you. 

Cost - Some fresh flowers can be much more expensive depending on their availability. The floral arrangements you are having and the cost of the florists time and skill can make fresh flowers more expensive.  They usually cost twice and sometimes three times the price of faux flowers 

Allergies - Some people suffer with allergies and hayfever which will affect them on the day of the wedding. If you suffer with these conditions this may not be for you. 




Seasonal choices - It really doesn’t matter if your preferred flowers are not in season. These are available all year round. So you could easily have a Blossom Spring theme wedding in the middle of winter or a Frozen Theme wedding in the summer. 

Cost - Silk Flowers are budget friendly. They can be bought in advance and you can know exactly what they are going to cost you. They could cut your floral cost in half!

Allergies - You can use all the florals you like and you know this isn’t going to distress you on the day if you suffer with allergies. They will not affect you at all!

Large displays - Creating larger than life designs are ideal with faux flowers as you know they are not going to wilt and die.  


Selection - Although faux flowers are widely available there are a lot of cheap varieties on the shelves which can fray and damage and look totally hideous.  

Colours and Quality - Faux flowers come in various qualities and sometimes they don’t match up to what is being viewed online. Some blooms tend to look faux even in the best quality flowers. If you hire your silk floral displays they won’t be brand new or look as fresh as possible. Frayed and dirty petals aren’t going to look great!

Scent - Faux flowers don’t come with the aroma of fresh flowers  You will not be able to tantalise the smell sense of your guests.

You can trust in our floral decor and design services to be beautiful, luxurious and fresh. We know exactly what it takes to make a venue look stylish and sophisticated with our bespoke florals and are confident that we can exceed your expectations. 

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